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Jeremy and I have spent our last two days in Connecticut. But first, we need to show you our airbnb from the Berkshires. In our last post, we told you that we were staying with a family in their master suite. Here is a picture of the house. Our room was on the second floor in the front of the house.


The family built the house a little more than 30 years ago, but they used reclaimed wood and other used/antique materials. I thought the inside of the house looked and felt much older. It was a great place to stay!

Now for Connecticut. We did not go to the highest point in CT, as there was a pretty lengthy hike to get to the summit. We are kinda hiked out. My opinion of hiking is that all you see is what is on the ground right in front of you (because you are trying not to trip and fall over something). So, I don't really like to spend a lot of vacation time doing what I could be doing in the woods at home. The exception to the rule is if you are hiking to see something really cool at the end (like the waterfall we were supposed to see at the end of our long hike the other day, but it ended up being unimpressive). Anyway, the whole idea of hiking to a summit was not all that interesting, since we have already done that in three other states on this trip.

A lot of what we have done in CT is going to sound silly to anyone who has not seen the Gilmore Girls. With the revival coming up, I am pretty interested in finding out all sorts of stuff about the show and what it is based on. The producer was in CT when she was inspired to write the show many years ago. She was staying in an Inn right outside a town called Washington Depot. The first Gilmore Girls Fan Festival is taking place this weekend in Washington Depot, but I did not snag a ticket. I did a lot of research on which towns may have helped inspire and develop the fictional town of Stars Hollow. I found that there are a few towns that have some similarities to Stars Hollow, so we stopped and paid those towns a visit. I took a few pictures of buildings that reminded me of the town, but it takes awhile to upload them to the blog, so I opted not to. If you are a huge fan of GG, ask me about it when I get home and I will share pictures and stories of what we saw.

On our way to one of the towns, we found one (assumingly final) more covered bridge. It was pretty and inside, the structure of it is pretty intense. Check it out!


In one of the towns, Jeremy found a new friend he wants to introduce to you..


After a day full of checking out quaint New England towns that may or may not have inspired various aspects of the Gilmore Girls, we made plans to meet up with one of my Chi Omega sorority sisters, Kristina! It was great to catch up with an old friend!


Our airbnb for the night was in New Haven, CT, home of Yale. There is some more Gilmore-ness about to happen. I wanted to see Yale because we had also visited Harvard on this trip, and of course, also because Rory from the show went to Yale. So that is what took us to New Haven on the trip. We originally booked an airbnb in a different part of town, however, that host had to cancel our reservation a few weeks prior to the trip because her apartment building must no longer allow airbnb or something. The alternative place that we found to stay was in the historic Taft building. It used to be an upscale hotel where famous people and presidents would stay, as it was close to a railroad. They converted it into an Apartment building a few years ago. Gilmore fans...you might remember that Rory lived with her boyfriend Logan in an apartment for a period of time at Yale. He was living (fictionally, of course) in the Taft Apartment building! I was reading about it, and they built the set based off of an actual apartment in the building! How cool is that?! We stayed in a room that was nothing at all like Logan's place, but that is okay. I still think it is cool that we were able to stay in a building with such historical (and GG) significance. Take a peek to read about the cool history of this building: http://www.taftapartments.com/history/. And here are the pictures. We were on the 8th floor, and our view out our window was of Yale's old campus as well as New Haven's green. The green was the original center of town. The picture that looks like a sunset was actually this morning's sunrise.


A bit of chaos ensued this morning. I noticed that my sunglasses were not in their case! If you know me well, you probably know that I wear my sunglasses often, regardless of the season, and sometimes regardless of whether the sun is even out. It is the curse of being a blue eyed person. I am addicted to wearing my sunglasses as much as I am addicted to applying chap stick. And if that reference doesn't help you realize how bad this tragedy really is...I need my sunglasses and chap stick like a smoker needs a cigarette. Yup. And it was real damn sunny today. Good thing I have a hat.

Carry on. We took a student-led tour of Yale this morning, and learned a good bit about the school. It seems interesting. It is similar to Harvard in a lot of ways, but not so much at the same time. Glad I went to Marietta instead of either one of these tough Ivy league schools! Here are a few pictures we took on the tour. The brick building on the left in the first picture is the oldest building on campus, and it is a residence hall.


These are a couple of pictures from inside the library built specially for rare books and manuscripts. I forgot to take a picture on the outside, but it is built using Vermont marble that is exactly 1.25 inches thick. That way, the sunlight cannot get in and ruin the books, but a little bit of light can actually slip in so you don't feel like you are inside a cave. You can see it in one of the pictures taken on the inside.


After the tour of Yale ended, we headed out of town on a quest for lobster rolls since we were close to the ocean. We found this little shack and feasted on some delicious lobster rolls!


Next on the list of places to see was a place called Gillette mansion. It was built for William Gillette, who starred as the original Sherlock Holmes in the old black and white shows. His mansion and the surrounding grounds were handed over to the state of CT upon his death because he had no heirs. The state turned it into a state park. During some parts of the year, visitors can walk through the inside of the weird little mansion, but it has already closed for the season due to budget issues. So, we could only see the outside, which was interesting enough. Such odd archetecture! It is all built out of stone.large_EF58F8C0FE09981A2A580253869A7FB9.jpglarge_EF5D8778BB317617643B37F43CC08442.jpglarge_90_EF6373C6A39568F5BA6858D672C777D9.jpglarge_EF7AB2ABA371340ACC9BD543ADFC1257.jpglarge_90_EF83A9E7B1D445F9C1F66C64888D0C67.jpglarge_EFA7EF0A015C6C86EDEAD78C42099108.jpg

That last picture was of a train station in the yard. We read that he had two trains, a steam engine, and an electric engine that would come through his property to bring guests. Crazy!

Next, we made it to our place to stay for the night. This is the only night of our trip that we will be staying in a traditional Bed and Breakfast instead of an airbnb. We are staying at Henrietta House in rural Connecticut with the host named Mary. The house sign says circa 1722, so this place has seen a lot of years! It is pretty neat in our room, which is all we have seen of it so far until we have breakfast downstairs in the morning. We reserved a room on the other side of the house with a shared bath, but a family requested both of those rooms, so we ended up with the Henrietta suite with the private bath for the price of the other room! We have been getting lucky with the staying in the best rooms by accident phenomenon! Our room is on the end with the porch.


For supper, we went to a CT brewery called Willimantic Brewing Company, and it is inside an old U.S. Post Office. Our meals were good, and the place was pretty cool! On the way to the brewery, TJ Maxx came to the rescue, and I bought a new pair of sunglasses! Whew! I know you all were worried about my precious blue eyes!


That is the end for today. Tomorrow, we head into Rhode Island. Thanks for reading!

Ashley & Jeremy

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